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Once, I read that when an Amish boy wants to court a girl, he asks her sister or female cousin if he can take the girl home from church meetings. I imagine them sitting inside with the rest of the family or talking on the porch after everyone has gone to bed. In very old Amish groups, when the couple arrives at the girl’s house, they go to her bedroom and lie down, fully dressed, on her bed. That’s how I want to fall in love. Cultures like that, and Native American cultures, have beautiful customs that have been passed down for generations like well-worn children’s play clothes and wedding day advice. I want to lie wrapped under stars and blankets. I want to watch your hands make shadows on the kitchen table as we sit quietly in the night. Life will be very small and quiet, but it will also have adventures and Christmas lights and my grandmother’s handmade quilts. I think I wouldn’t mind a small life if I had someone to stay in one place with.